Role : Programmer, Script Writer, Storyboard Artist

“Frame of Mind” is a suspense-and-drama digital graphic novel about a mother who loses her 5-year-old son in a crowded amusement park. The story showcases a mother’s psychological state while she tries to find her lost son with the help of a policeman. The story is set in a modern amusement theme park and the art style is inspired by the pop art culture. It showcases how graphic novel books can be taken to the next level in a digital format. “Frame of Mind” is about how simple actions may lead to catastrophic and unpredictable consequences.


  • Writing the interactive script that has 3 different endings
  • Story boarding of the script
  • UX Design for both iPad and iOS devices
  • Build Multiplayer mode
  • Build game points so that the viewer gets to decide the fate of the story and the final ending